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Inclusion Grants for Children with Disabilities

United Cerebral Palsy of Middle Tennessee announces availability of All Together Kids inclusion grants for children with disabilities in Davidson County Tennessee. All Together Kids is a program designed to promote the inclusion of children with disabilities in community based after school programs, recreation, arts, and extra curricular activities alongside their typically developing peers. The program will supply grants for up to $1,000 to families for direct assistance for their child to participate in these activities. The program is funded by a grant from the Metropolitan Government of Nashville.

The program is designed to be flexible to meet children’s specific needs, and available to families in neighborhoods where they live and work. For example, funds may be used for tuition or enrollment in a variety of community programs such as day care, arts, after school care, camps, recreation and faith-based programs. Funds may be used for specialized accessible transportation, supplies, uniforms and other items specific to the child’s needs in the program. Funds also may be used for specific therapies and services that are targeted toward development of communication, socialization, or other skills that may be necessary for children with disabilities to integrate effectively with their peers.

The program is for children with disabilities who are enrolled in the Metropolitan Nashville Public School System and who are currently enrolled, or will be enrolled during the period of the grant, in an inclusive community based after-school, recreational, extracurricular or other community based program in the Nashville community.

While families may apply at any time, applications received on or prior to December 17, 2008 will be reviewed at the December meeting of the volunteer review team. To download an application for the grant, go to and click the link for
Davidson County All Together Kids Inclusion Program, or go to

All Together Kids also will supply inclusion training and direct assistance for community based programs accepting children with disabilities into their activities. Contact United Cerebral Palsy for information about the grant and the training initiative for community programs.


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About our Services

Programs and Services Offered by UCP of Middle Tennessee Include the following:

All Together Kids
Geographic Area Served: Davidson County Tennessee

Description: All Together Kids is UCP’s education and aftercare program for children. This program provides direct funding supports to families of children with severe disabilities in order that they may access community based summer, aftercare, recreation, arts, camps, therapeutic, and other programs that are specific to their individualized needs, and targeted to advance personalized educational and developmental progress goals in the most integrated and inclusive environment possible. Further, UCP provides a a DVD and web based training curriculum, technical assistance and consultation to community-based children’s programs throughout the Metro area aimed toward development of infrastructure capacity to include children with disabilities in their programs and activities.

Disability Housing Assistance Program
Geographic Area Served: Tennessee Statewide except for Davidson, Hamilton, Knox and Shelby Counties

Description: The Tennessee Disability Housing Assistance Program is a project of the Tennessee Housing Trust Fund. The program is administered by United Cerebral Palsy of Middle Tennessee and is funded by Tennessee Housing Development Agency. The program provides housing-related grants and low-cost disability-related home modifications and repairs specific to the needs of low income Tennesseans with severe disabilities. The mission of the program is to ensure that Tennessee citizens with disabilities have access equal to all citizens, to safe, sound homes and opportunities to live in their communities. A total of $560,748 is available for distribution in grants prior to June 30, 2009. This will be accomplished through a network of partner agencies established by UCP across the state of Tennessee.

Educational Travel Fund
Geographic Area Served: Tennessee Statewide
Description: The Educational Travel Fund allows individuals with disabilities of all types throughout the state of Tennessee, and their parents or caregivers to attend conferences and educational activities related to their particular disability.

Educational Video and Photography
Geographic Area Served: Non-specific

Description: UCP produces educational video programming on issues affecting individuals with disabilities. Among these include investigative reports on Inclusive Education, Transportation, Fair Housing, Adoption of Special Needs Children, ADA Accommodations, Tenessee State Title 33, Emergency Preparedness for Persons with Disabilities, and the Supreme Court’s Olmstead Decision.

Equipment Exchange
Geographic Area Served: Tennessee Statewide, plus South Central Kentucky

Description: The UCP Durable Medical and Adaptive Equipment Exchange Program enables individuals with disabilities and their families to become self-sufficient through the provision of durable medical and adaptive equipment. The Equipment Exchange first emerged through the gratitude and concern of families who received equipment for their children through UCP’s Barry Dean Fulton Special Needs Fund. This included items such as wheelchairs, walkers, prone standers, wheelchair lifts, and augmentative communication devices. As their children outgrew the equipment, parents were returning it to UCP, asking to make it available to other families. Over the years, the Equipment Exchange experienced a quiet but steady growth as new families and service providers learned of its existence. The program was expanded to include individuals with all types of disabilities, and other organizations joined with UCP in collecting, storing and distributing equipment. The program is now one of UCP’s hallmark services.

Family Support
Geographic Area Served: UCP has the state contract for Rutherford County Tennessee

Description: Family Support is a statewide service to individuals with disabilities supplied by the state of Tennessee. The program consists of a statwide fund that is distributed equitibly throughout the state through locally based agencies in each community. Services can include but are not limited to: Respite care, day care services, home modifications, equipment, supplies, personal assistance, transportation, homemaker services, housing costs, health-related needs, nursing and counseling. The average distribution statewide is $1,000 – $1,500. The maximum distribution for any individual is $4,000.

Holiday Boxes
Geographic Area Served: Middle Tennessee

Description: Each year volunteers gather and distribute Holiday boxes for families in extreme poverty whose resources and family supports are severely limited. UCP volunteers pack these boxes with essentials such as staple, nonperishable food items, warm clothing, bath and bedding items. They also include Holiday and New Year’s messages, cards and drawings from children, and many other small gifts. All of the items in the Holiday Boxes are new items, purchased or handmade by volunteers especially for the families they are helping through the program.

Home Access/Wheelchair Ramps
Geographic Area Served: Tennessee Statewide

Description: United Cerebral Palsy builds ramps and coordinates state-wide construction of wheelchair ramps for individuals with mobility disabilities whose homes are without proper accessibility. Working in conjunction with collaborating agencies, volunteers from churches, civic clubs, and other area groups, UCP spearheads the construction wheelchair ramps on to the homes of persons with disabilities across the state of Tennessee. Lumber and supplies for the program are funded through a grant from the Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA).

Information and Referral
Geographic Area Served: Generally Middle Tennessee, plus some services to persons from other parts of the state and individuals planning to move to Tennessee from other states

Description: United Cerebral Palsy serves as the doorway through which many families learn about the condition known as cerebral palsy, and also about community services available to individuals with many types of physical disabilities. A large number of requests pertain to information about unmet needs of the constituency. These include requests for help in funding assistive technology, personal and attendant care services, respite care, prescription pharmaceuticals, and other items not covered under TennCare and private insurance. A large percentage of requests for information relate to cerebral palsy. The remaining calls and e-mails have to do with a more broad-based area of inquiry related to disabilities in general.

Public Policy
Geographic Area Served: Tennessee Statewide

Description: UCP has entered into a public policy alliance, the purpose of which is to identify, articulate, and promote sound and effective public policy in the best interest of citizens with disabilities in the state of Tennessee.

Special Needs Funds
Geographic Area Served: Middle Tennessee

Description: One of UCP’s first programs of service was special needs fund, initiated by the family of former Nashville Mayor Richard Fulton, and named in memory of his son, Barry Dean Fulton. While desigated funds for this program have been long since depleted, UCP continues to use the Fulton Fund designation for emergency aid to families when no other source of immediate aid can be identified. Because of the small amount of discretionary money available, this aid is limited to extreme emergency situations.

The Burch Family Special Needs Fund at United Cerebral Palsy was established in the year 2000 by the Burch Family Foundation for the purpose of supplying assistance to individuals with disabilities in Franklin, Tennessee who are of birth multiples.

In the letter establishing the fund at United Cerebral Palsy, Mr. Lucius E. Burch III stated:

“It has recently come to my attention that cerebral palsy often affects children of multiple birth. The funds from the Burch Family Foundation are to be used to establish a fund to provide direct aid for medical, therapeutic, technological, or other specialized needs for children of multiple birth with disabilities located in the city of Franklin, Tennessee.”

UCP also has opportunities to serve individuals through the UCPA Bellows Fund. A small portion of interest earned from this fund is distributed to indivduals throughout the United States through a direct allocation process.

Sports and Recreation Program
Geographic Area Served: Middle Tennessee

Description: United Cerebral Palsy’s Sports and Recreation Program is a year round activity for people with disabilities and their families which takes place every Wednesday evening and during specially designated weekends. Participation in these activities affords consumers an opportunity to engage in activities which have both physical and social interaction benefits. Among regular activities offered include bowling, wheelchair basketball, board games, and movie nights. Special activites include the UCP annual family picnic and social at Centennial Park and “Fans on Wheels” activities at area sporting venues. Children may participate on UCP’s Challenger League Baseball team.

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