All Together Kids Inclusion Training Series

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Lesson 1: The first lesson in the series defines inclusion and discusses the benefits of inclusive practices for children with disabilities, typically developing peers, adult program leaders, and the community at large.

Lesson 2: This lesson covers the history of the disability rights movement and the independent living movement. It also introduces the learner to current trends in best practice for serving children with disabilities and how these practices have emerged from a tragic history of discrimination.

Lesson 3: This lesson covers the major types of disabilities, how these disabilities impact activities of daily living, and how to make disability-specific accommodations to facilitate adjustment.

Lesson 4: This lesson covers the basis of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and how the Act impacts community based programs and services for children with disabilities. The lesson also provides information about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and correlate principles of the IDEA to community based programs and services for children.

Lesson 5: This lesson addresses methods of including children with disablities in programs with typically developing peers. The lesson further addresses areas of concern such as the possible emergence of social reticence and ridicule or bullying, and provides ideas and activities to stimulate inclusion of all children while eliminating any undesirable behaviors. Finally, the lesson includes an overview of discipline practices that are effective for all children.

Lesson 6: This lesson provides tools for adult leaders of community programs as they plan and prepare for inclusion of children with disabilities in their programs. Likewise, the lesson provides tools for adult leaders of programs that were established primarily for children with disabilities as they broaden their services to include typically developing peers.


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