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Out the door

We love being able to get out of our homes and experience life. Going to work, the store, or to see friends is something we do nearly every day. But what if you couldn’t go up or down stairs? What if you relied on a wheelchair for mobility? What if no one was able to help you?

Home accessibility is a major component of UCP’s goal to improving the lives of people with disabilities. Last week, HCA’s Caring for the Community Campaign helped us provide wheelchair ramps for four families in the Nashville area. HCA 2

Many individuals with limited mobility are confined to their homes or have to rely on others to get them in and out of their houses, which can often be a dangerous job. In building ramps, there is no longer the need for assistance or confinement as they are free to go in and out of their house as they please.

During the recent builds, two of UCP’s board members, Ken Roth and Joe Haase, served as site managers, both of whom have numerous ramp builds under their belt. With the help of these men along with around two dozen volunteers, UCP was able to successfully complete these ramps. HCA 3

UCP’s John Pickett runs the Home Accessibility Program. Having been in this position for 15 years, John has helped secure funding, coordinate, and build more than 2,000 ramps. John relies on volunteers like HCA to help build these ramps, and he is always looking for groups that want to be involved.

Being mobile is a tremendous gift. As for UCP, we are always working to provide people with that gift. If you or your group would like to be a part of a ramp build or volunteer in any capacity, please let us know. We are always looking for groups that want to help make a difference. HCA 4


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The comeback begins

2014-10-16 11 43 47The comeback story is the heart of the American Spirit. We love tales of rags-to-riches, we cheer for the underdog, we believe in a second chance. Today starts UCP’s comeback story.

No, we haven’t been gone, we haven’t stopped serving individuals with disabilities, and we haven’t veered from our mission. But we have strayed from connecting with our supporters and sharing the successes we work so proudly to accomplish.

The things we do at UCP are done with a purpose–to advance the quality of life for people with disabilities. Every wheelchair ramp we build is to help someone gain a freedom to go and come from his o her house as they please. Every piece of medical equipment we give out is to provide someone with the supplies needed to improve and maintain his or her quality of life. Every sports night, fundraiser, activity, every conversation, laugh and tear is fueled by our purpose–helping those in need.

I hope you will check out our blog every few weeks to stay current on what’s happening at UCP. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more daily updates. And more than anything, find your way that you can help UCP fulfill its mission of advancing the lives of people with disabilities.

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