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Back on track

At some point you’ve probably found yourself under the hood of your car, waiting in a repair shop or stuck on the side of the road. While car repairs can be inconvenient and costly, they get you back on the road and on with your life. At UCP, you could say we serve as a pit stop to getting people back on track.

Through our Equipment Exchange Program, UCP helps 1,700 families each year improve their quality of life by providing free durable medical equipment. From wheelchairs, shower chairs, walkers, grab bars and a host of other items, UCP is dedicated to placing families with the right equipment.

Wheelchairs ready for distribution

Wheelchairs ready for distribution

The Equipment Exchange is running because of the generous donations so many of you make. People will give us their new or gently used equipment and UCP will clean and make small modifications, then send it out to someone in need. What’s great about this program is that it runs in a circle. When a piece of equipment leaves the building, there’s a good chance it will be donated back when it is no longer needed.

Margaret Eighmy oversees our Equipment Exchange and ensures that as many families as possible are helped. As she leads the program, a number of volunteers make sure the program runs on all levels. UCP is thankful to have a group of Vietnam Veterans who work to modify and service the equipment.

Work area to repair medical supplies

Work area to repair medical supplies

Additional volunteers help to keep inventory of the supplies, assist families when they come in the door, and meet whatever needs may come up on any given day. For the UCP Equipment Exchange to maintain, grow and meet our families needs, we need three things. Number one, we need equipment. If you have medical supplies that you no longer use, please get those to UCP. Number two, we need money. The great thing about the Equipment Exchange is that it has very minimal operating cost.

Inventory of chairs waiting to be processed

Inventory of chairs waiting to be processed

With that being said, donations would allow us to buy things like wheelchair batteries and other maintenance pieces that are seldom donated. And number three, we need YOU! UCP is always in need of volunteers and people who are willing to help. From simple tasks around the office to maintenance and pick up of supplies, UCP has a place for you!


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Tennessean: United Cerebral Palsy provides gear to people with disabilities
By Chris Echegaray • THE TENNESSEAN

There was a six-month wait to get a correctly sized wheelchair ordered for Patricia Cullum’s 10-year-old son who has cerebral palsy.

But Cullum, of Brentwood, went to the equipment exchange program at United Cerebral Palsy of Middle Tennessee and found a wheelchair that fit Samuel, and it was free.

“He had outgrown the wheelchair, and it was unsafe,” Cullum said. “The one we had from UCP worked perfectly for the six months, and it didn’t cost a dime. Then, we returned it. They help a lot of people.”

United Cerebral Palsy of Middle Tennessee helps children and adults with all types of physical disabilities.

The organization’s equipment exchange program provides recycled medical and adaptive equipment to patients who can’t afford it. The organization serves 3,000 people a year.

The demand for medical equipment is unusually high this year because so many people had to leave their equipment behind to escape the flood in May, said Margaret Eighmy, director of the equipment exchange program.

There is a waiting list of 550 patients who need 1,200 pieces of medical equipment, Eighmy said. The program, she said, always needs wheelchairs, shower seats, benches, walkers and bedside commodes.

First come, first served

People apply for the service, and they can get, for instance, a donated wheelchair or other piece of equipment on a temporary basis, Eighmy said. The equipment is distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

“This helps people who are trying to keep the lights on,” she said. “They have to pay the rent. This makes life easier and safer.”

All the programs at United Cerebral Palsy promote independence of people with disabilities and also help family members and caregivers, Eighmy said.

The program gets refurbished, therapeutic and adaptive medical equipment, which must be in working condition when donated.

Cullum said she’s been using the equipment program since her son was 3. Bathing and toilet aids cost $500 each and insurance will not cover that cost, she said. “It’s a blessing to go in there and find equipment you need at the moment,” she said. “Insurance won’t cover bath support, even though it’s an everyday necessity.”

Bennie Sears, 35, has spina bifida and has used the program since he was 8. Sears was involved in UCP’s programs, including wheelchair basketball and soccer.

Now, Sears volunteers for UCP.

“They’ve helped me a lot,” he said. “I’ve been there all my life. They came out and built a ramp for me.

“They have helped so many people. They are good to everyone. I had to give back.”

On New Year’s Day, UCP will have its seventh annual 5K Run, Walk or Roll Resolution Run at the Hall of Fame Park in downtown Nashville. All proceeds benefit the equipment exchange program.

Patricia Cullum

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Flood Related Durable Medical Equipment Needs

Margaret Eighmy,, oversees the UCP Durable Medical Equipment Exchange. UCP collects, refurbishes and recycles durable medical, therapeutic and adaptive equipment. UCP does its best to match the needs of people with the availability of equipment. Because so many people had to leave their equipment behind to escape the Tennessee flood waters, there is an unusually high demand. Equipment is available for individuals and non-profit/charitable organizations.

Margaret requests that you:

1) Inventory your homes and businesses and donate any viable used durable medical equipment you are not using (shower benches, adult manual wheelchairs, shower aids, adaptive toilet items, etc.).

2) Communicate to your friends and contacts that they do the same.

3) Contact her at her email address or call 615-242-4091. Please contact her BEFORE you drop off your equipment at 1200 9th Avenue North, Suite 110, Nashville, TN 37208

Monetary contributions are also needed. You can donate through Giving Matters.

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